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Special Collection

Multimodal Science and Engineering Teaching: Perspectives from 8ICOM

Collection launched: 19 Nov 2019
The idea for this special issue of Designs for Learning emerged during the 8th International Conference on Multimodality (8ICOM), held in Cape Town in December 2016. During that conference, a special stream of papers was organised, all of which addressed the question of science and/or engineering teaching from a multimodal perspective. The papers presented in this special issue emerge from this conference stream.

Each of the papers argues that multimodal approaches can benefit the teaching and learning of science. This benefit emerges from the fact that science is inherently multimodal, due in part to the fact that scientific phenomena are often either ‘invisible’ or highly abstract. The papers emerge from different contexts: including the global North (Sweden and Denmark) and South (South Africa), and across the education spectrum (from school to university).

Guest Editors: John Airey & Zach Simpson