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Rikke Ørngreen ,

Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark, DK
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Staffan Selander

Stockholm University, Sweden, SE
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This issue is in a way a kind conglomerate of approaches and ideas, when it is as its best. From a geological perspective, a conglomerate is a rock, which consists of individual objects that stands out, and of matter that act as an almost cement-like texture, holding these objects together. This matter – made of finer grains – stems from the individual objects. Likewise, as a conglomerate the individual articles in this issue raises specific issues, and at the same time, the theoretical approaches are like fine grain that binds the individual studies together.

How to Cite: Ørngreen, R., & Selander, S. (2014). Editorial. Designs for Learning, 7(2), 5–6.
Published on 01 Dec 2014.


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