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Reading: Interview with Arlene Archer


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Interview with Arlene Archer


Fredrik Lindstrand

Stockholm University, Sweden, SE
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We took the opportunity to meet with Dr Arlene Archer from Cape Town, South Africa, when she visited Stockholm in May 2014 to give a keynote speech at the 4th International Designs for Learning conference.

Dr Arlene Archer has been the coordinator of the Writing Centre at the University of Cape Town since 1999 and is well known to many of our readers for her extensive work within the fields of academic literacy and multimodality. Among her recent publications is Multimodal Approaches to Research and Pedagogy - Recognition, Resources and Access (Archer & Newfield, 2014).
How to Cite: Lindstrand, F. (2014). Interview with Arlene Archer. Designs for Learning, 7(2), 80–86.
Published on 01 Dec 2014.


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