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Reading: Towards programmatic design research


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Towards programmatic design research


Jonas Löwgren ,

Malmö University, Sweden, SE
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Henrik Svarrer Larsen,

Lund University, Sweden, SE
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Mads Hobye

Malmö University, Sweden, SE
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The notion of design research entails research where design practice forms part of the knowledge production. Based on our characterization of the nature of design, we propose to conceptualize this kind of research as programmatic design research. Two ongoing PhD projects in interaction design are presented as examples of programmatic research processes, highlighting issues to do with the virtues and qualities of the processes, the interplay of optics and engagements in a hermeneutical dynamic, and the production of takeaways for the academic community.
How to Cite: Löwgren, J., Svarrer Larsen, H., & Hobye, M. (2013). Towards programmatic design research. Designs for Learning, 6(1-2), 80–101.
Published on 01 Dec 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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