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Eva Insulander

Stockholm University, Sweden, SE
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In this issue, there is a focus on the usability of new digital technology and media in formal and non-formal learning settings. Three different articles and one interview address this theme from the perspective of design. However, the notion of design is being explored from two somewhat different positions. Øystein Gilje and Marie Leijon use it as an analytical concept in the articles, as it highlights the creative aspects of learning and communication. In an article by Majgaard, Misfeldt and Nielsen and in an interview with professor Jonas Löwgren, it refers instead to a creative process of developing specific tools that, for instance, can be used to support communicating and learning. Both these approaches contribute to an understanding of collaborative and learning processes.

How to Cite: Insulander, E. (2011). Editorial. Designs for Learning, 4(2), 6–7.
Published on 01 Dec 2011.


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