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Reading: The Design of the Reader in Educational Settings


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The Design of the Reader in Educational Settings


Bente Aamotsbakken ,

Vestfold University College, Norway, NO
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Susanne v Knudsen

Vestfold University College, Norway
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In Norway a new curricular reform was implemented in 2006; a reform characterized by inclusiveness (all school levels up to university level) and a particular focus on five cross-disciplinary basic skills. The skills in question are: reading, writing, numeracy, oral skills and the use of digital media. The reform entails that teachers in all school subjects need an awareness of these skills when teaching their specific curriculum subject. A teacher in mathematics, for example, needs to ensure that the pupils are able to read the mathematical text and write according to the textbook’s goals.

How to Cite: Aamotsbakken, B., & Knudsen, S. v . (2009). The Design of the Reader in Educational Settings. Designs for Learning, 2(1), 22–35.
Published on 01 Jun 2009.
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