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Staffan Selander

Stockholm University, Sweden, SE
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In this issue we present three articles, interrelated to each other in the perspective of designs for learning: a design-theoretical approach is used in the first article to analyze visitors’ meaning-making in a museum exhibition. Design as an approach to develop new social practices is worked with in the other two articles, related to second life and a network society learning paradigm respectively. Thus, we can notice that the design-oriented approach to learning and meaning-making can be used in double-ways, so to say: as an analytical tool and as a tool for development; as a theoretically grounded methodology to analyze either institutional arrangements and representations (as in a museum exhibition or in a school text book) and as a tool to analyze visitors’ meaning-making in an exhibition (or students’ meaning-making in a school context). We will also mention two new dissertations using a design-theoretic and multimodal approach (the one focussing mathematics teachers, the other choir conductors), and of course we present still another article in our series of interviews with scholars doing design-theoretic, multimodal and socio-cultural oriented research.


How to Cite: Selander, S. (2009). Editorial. Designs for Learning, 2(2), 6–7. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2009.


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