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In this issue we will elaborate further on the discussion about different conceptions of ‘design’. Design stems from the Latin word ‘designo’ which meant depicting. In Swedish and in English ‘design’ was historically used about maps
or sketches of ships and buildings. Design then was more or less thought of as a practical device for creating an object that already existed in our minds or as intentions of God. The possibility to represent salient features of an object before it was built had many advantages in relation to constructions made in a process of trial-and-error.

Editorial, Anna-Lena Kempe

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Number 1-2/2013 is avaliable for download.



Conference NEWS:

Kristina Danielsson and Staffan Selander will present a model for a textual analysis and classroom work with multimodal texts. In a workshop they will start with a brief background description and a presentation of the model. Then participants will work in groups to test and discuss the model.
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LearningDesignLab, Department of Computer- and Systems Sciences (DSV)- Stockholm University, Sweden
Forskningslab I IT og Læringsdesign, Department of Learning and Philosophy - Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark